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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Jibber Jabber Man

Jibber Jabber Man speaks with authority, he speaks with conviction, but it’s all just jibber jabber.

The energy of the universe courses through my being.
Quiet, and comforting, it guides my intuition.
Flowing, and ebbing, with currents of smoky waves I can feel, and see it in the night.
Confident in its guidance, no faith is needed; I know that it is real.

“Jiber Jabber, Jibber Jabber, Blah blah blah” says Jibber Jabber Man.
A self proclaimed expert, he asks for their faith in the rules he says they must follow.
Jibber Jabber Man you Flim-Flam Man, watch them all follow Jibber Jabber Man.
“Follow me or be punished, follow me to your reward.” He proclaims standing above them.
Jibber Jabber Man, what a sham, taking credit for what you don’t possess.
“Jibber Jabber, Jibber Jabber” goes the merchant of fear, pulling them all in close.
Leave them alone Jibber Jabber Man.
The universe will always be there, with or without you Jibber Jabber Man, and for anyone who stops to touch it.
Be quiet Jibber Jabber Man, and listen to the silence. It will speak to you too, when you let go of your fear.

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