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Friday, August 17, 2012

A note to all of my idealist friends:

If you want the world to be the perfect place that you have in your mind then follow these steps to get there from here:
  1. Take a realistic look at the world for what it really is.
  2. Listen to information from sources that you don’t normally get it from.
  3. Stop demonizing people who have different views than your own.
  4. Have pleasant conversations with people who have different views, and try and understand where they are coming from.
  5. Start questioning your beliefs, and check to see if they are factually accurate. The truth can’t hurt you.
  6. The world is the way it is today because of things that happened yesterday. Pay attention to history.
  7. Problems in the world have a root cause, and those causes usually aren’t what you think. For example if a person is sick with cancer you may think that cancer is the root cause, but why the person got cancer in the first place is the real root cause.
Why did I write this? Because I think the world would be a better place if people started thinking about what they say and do, and stopped relying on others to think for them. If everyone started doing this then the world would become closer to the perfect place I would want it to be. But I’m not an idealist so I won’t hold my breath.