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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

An Inspirational Moment

Sometimes you just have to go with the flow.
I'm not a religious person, and you won't hear me saying “It's God's will” or anything resembling it, but when deaths and layoffs happened at the same time I was in for a ride with the aftermath. It was like getting my slate wiped clean to start over again. I decided to embrace the changes, listen to my inner voice, and then unexpected things started to happen.
I've come to the conclusion that for the most part I don't have control over my life. I may think that I do sometimes, but for the most part, life seems to be driving me. But before you say to yourself “Dan you're so full of crap” let me tell you this, if someone would have told me that a series of events would result in me staying at home running the household while my wife goes back to school a couple of years ago I wouldn't have believed it. But one thing lead to another and life guided me down the path that I'm now traveling. I suppose I could have fought the changes and tried to force some other kind of outcome, but I don't think it would have lead to a better outcome. Staying at home washing kids cloths is a drag, but I also am able to do things that let me be creative, and to help others.
So how does railing about how politicians that are really Coneheads fit into the “help others” category? Sometime pointing out the lunacy of a situation makes people think about it. When we take a step back and think, then magic starts to happens. Sometimes the “Oh shit!” moment happens, and a realization that the world is a more messed up place than anyone could have ever imagine. At this point, we can either become alcoholics and drown out the world, or decide on how we can all by ourselves make some sort of positive difference. The way I started doing this was by doing a self assessment.
I took a good look at myself and wrote down what I really love to do, my passions, my strengths, and the things I'm obsessive about. Being obsessive about something is important to me because if I don't have a drive to do something, then I'll stop doing it. If something is too painful to do then I won't do it well. If only I could use that excuse to get out of washing dishes, or changing the Guinea Pig cage. I'll never admit to doing a good job of cleaning animal cages.
One day many years ago something clicked in my head and I decided I wanted to be a writer. I had atrocious spelling, and had to re-teach myself most of what I blew off in school. Years ago when I was in the military I took a couple of composition courses through University of Maryland that helped me get back on track, and then I started self-teaching myself how to write. Now I compulsively tap away at my computer to give myself personal enjoyment, and hopefully some of what I write may actually help someone. I put my passion for technology to work in other ways, by helping friends with their problems, and helping my veterans group by building them a web site. I've just started working on it, and will turn it loose on the world in the near future. Most of the members of this veterans group are technologically challenged, so by doing something that I enjoy and is relatively easy for me to do, I get to help this group reach out to help many more people. It's not that hard to make a difference in our messed up world if you are doing something you love to do.
Going with the flow, not fighting things that I can't control, and putting my heart and soul into the directions that seem natural are bringing me down the ever changing path in a way that I feel good about. I'm not sure about what's around the corner, but I'm sure it will be an adventure. Hopefully there is a dish washing, cage cleaning robot in it, I can only hope.


  1. Hey Dan,
    I just want to let you know that it was one of your blog entries that inspired me to start our blog and to start writing. I stumbled upon your blog when I clicked on an image (a cartoonish black bird) in a search I did on mountain ash trees (I think that was it). I think you wrote something about the birds being drunk, which tickled my sense of humor. I never understood blogging before that. Also, since then my husband started a temp job, enabling me to quit my part-time *ugh wal-mart* job and I have since begun writing a romance novel that I hope to find a reputable publisher for when I'm done. I plan to write about 100,000 words and have 27,000 so far (in about a month's time). If I can get it written in a year, I'll be happy, but it's looking like it could be sooner than that.
    Anyway, kudos to you. You inspired me, and others, I'm sure, with your humorous writings. Keep going!


  2. Sue, I'm happy I could have a positive influence, and I'm glad that you are writing. I'm working on a book of my own but I think I'm going to take a self publishing route. I'm in cahoots with some other writers, and we have had much discussion on the topic. I've been reading "A complete guide to self publishing" that was free for kindle one day when I downloaded it and it's been helpful.
    It doesn't matter if you have a Kindle or not there is a Kindle application that runs on Windows, IPad/iPod or even in Chrome if you have a Linux computer.
    Also some other writers you may enjoy hang out here:
    A bunch of us bailed from another site and created our own venue, you might want to check it out.
    Thanks Sue!

  3. Hi Dan,
    Thanks for the info. I guess first thing I need to do is get the thing done, since I've never published anything before. I'm up to 43,000 words now and still going... (yay!) Hope your book is coming along well too.